The Retirement Savings Time Bomb Ticks Louder: How to Avoid Unnecessary Tax Landmines, Defuse the Latest Threats to Your Retirement Savings, and Ignite Your Financial Freedom

“This book is required reading.” —Robert Powell, editor of Retirement Daily

Ed Slott

6/12/20241 min read

Whether your retirement dreams are five years away or fifty—the single greatest threat standing in your way is taxes. Unlike losses in the stock market, money lost to taxes never recovers. With untaxed retirement accounts likely to become your largest asset, you face an explosive landscape of costly tax traps, penalties, and a complex maze of rules when it comes time to tap into those savings.

Renowned tax advisor Ed Slott returns in The Retirement Savings Time Bomb Ticks Louder with the ultimate guide to reclaim control of your financial future and keep more of your money—no matter what Congress comes up with next. With fully up-to-date information, including SECURE Act 2.0, this book provides an easy-to-follow plan that is an entertaining and informative must-read for any American with a retirement savings account.