The Global Deception

How a String of Lies Reshaped Our World

Walter Hensley

5/9/20241 min read

Probably the most common reason for not finding truth in our lives is that we think we have already found it. Regardless of one’s inclination to ponder a possible world-conspiracy, there is probably not a person on Earth who has not felt cheated and lied to by the powers that be. This book is for those intellectually honest readers who, in the light of proper evidence, are not afraid to admit to themselves that they have been duped on a massive scale. Reading this book will allow one to explore a number of gigantic conspiracies that have unfolded over the past few millennia and culminated in a large part of what we know as "modern science" and everything important that came of it. By learning of such conspiracies, one will get to face some of the ultimate truths of our world and will be rewarded with the discovery of a new, more wholesome and comprehensible view of the world. This new, drastically improved worldview has been right inside of us since the moment we were born, but it was suppressed by the lies of powerful political forces. Therefore, the readers of this book will have the weight of these lies lifted from them and they will enter a more enlightened state than most would think possible. Although the book may have a rather serious tone for the most part, there should be no doubt that anyone will find it just as entertaining and exciting as it is educational.