The CBT Social Anxiety Workbook for Women

Essential Cognitive Behavioral Skills and Techniques to Overcome Fear and Anxious Behavior, Improve Confidence, and Feel Comfortable in Any Situation

Adele Payne

2/10/20241 min read

Are you feeling anxious or stressed at work?

Do you feel insecure around friends or family?

Are you desperate to leave your struggles behind and become confident?

Then keep reading

Depending on the study between 40% and 60% of the women have experienced social anxiety in their life. But according to a study from Havard University 58% of the women were able to reduce their stress levels after applying CBT

CBT, which stands for
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, is a simple way to reprogram and realign the way the brain works so you can go out there into the world and experience everything it has to offer in your own personal way.

And this book doesn´t only explain the theory, it has simple and practical exercises you can use in your daily life. You will get rid of your stress and anxiety in the blink of an eye.

Inside you're going to discover:

  • Social anxiety in men vs women

  • CBT interventions for emotional regulation like Role-playing and Rehearsal.

  • CBT exercises that work for dealing with social anxiety like exposure therapy by yourself.

  • Overcoming your fear in over 30 days using SMART goals.

  • Exercises like ¨How to be Your Own Cheerleader ¨ or How to Learn to say No to build self-esteem and confidence with just 15 minutes a day.

  • Exercises that will help you be socially armed and teach you how to be an effective communicator and maintain a healthy relationship after 30 days.

  • Strategies for overcome setbacks and stay motivated that will help you build your support network.

  • And much, much more

You'll discover practical exercises designed for easy understanding, making complex medical information unnecessary – suitable for a 12-year-old girl.

Save your dollars – access time-tested exercises at a fraction of the cost of a therapist's hourly rate, all within the pages of this book.

Forget about setting aside two weeks of holiday – with just 15 minutes a day, you'll start feeling more mindful and relaxed through this book.

You are just one click away to become the balanced and confident woman you deserve to be.
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