Stop the Shift Show

Turn Your Struggling Hourly Workers Into a Top-Performing Team

Scott Greenberg

2/27/20241 min read

"Stop the Shift Show" is an essential guide for managers and business owners looking to transform their hourly workforce into a top-performing super team.

This book offers practical strategies and techniques for effectively managing and coaching hourly workers, including:

  • Determining your managerial style and avoiding common mistakes

  • Building trust with your team to create a positive work culture

  • Motivating employees to perform at their best and go above and beyond

  • Developing effective coaching techniques to help team members grow and improve

  • Creating a sense of purpose and ownership among employees to foster a high-performing team

  • Overcoming common challenges in managing hourly workers, such as turnover and scheduling issues

Whether you're new to management or an experienced leader, "Stop the Shift Show" provides valuable insights and actionable advice to help you elevate your team's performance and drive success for your business. With its engaging writing style and real-world examples, this book is a must-read for anyone looking to build a high-performing team in today's competitive marketplace.