Paranormal Frontier: Wild West

Hunters, they’re a group of government agents and freelance bounty hunters hired by the Marshal’s Office of Paranormal Activity during the 19th century to combat supernatural threats that threaten our way of life.

MJ Maddox

4/19/20241 min read

When an unusual number of monsters begin to gather in the Sacramento Valley, hunters are sent to investigate the cause, but there are still plenty of supernatural threats they have to deal with on the way.

Join the hunters in this light-hearted, action-packed anthology full of monsters and gunslingers as they journey across the American frontier to reach their final destination, the City of Sacramento, where they finally come face-to-face with an unknown threat that only leaves them with more questions then answers.

“We all like to think this place is God’s country, but truth is, the devil staked his claim a long time ago.”