The Art of Self-Delusion

Brent Perkins

9/19/20231 min read

DISTINCTLY UNIQUE in the non-prescriptive yet intimate style it is written in - woven together with deep vulnerability through storytelling - Papercuts gives permission for us to explore and be curious with ourselves while challenging us to wake the 'F' up and show up to life in a bold way.

Each of us sees the world as we are, not as it actually is.
When we step into curiosity, we find we have a choice to see the world through other people’s eyes. To imagine what their experiences are, even though we cannot know them directly. From here, we can begin to understand and utilize our agency. The power we hold over interpreting our day-to-day experiences and the stories we end up telling ourselves about them, i.e. ‘our truths.’ Too often, this leads to selling ourselves short, or worse, selling ourselves out, resulting in death by a thousand papercuts.

Papercuts unfolds the layers within us, exposing the wounds and scars we have been too afraid to confront - leading to a fearless journey of self-discovery. In the end, we find life is beckoning us to be courageous, authentic and wild. To stop chasing, to stop doing, and encouraging us to start being. This is the pathways to show up to life in surrender, without attachments or dependencies. This is your life and it’s time to show up and live BOLD!

What you can expect on this journey:
- Rediscover your agency
- Feel empowered when you exercise choice
- Understand where/when you play the victim game
- Comfort zones vs. Fear zones
- Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
- Combating non-pathological anxiety and depression
- Want to help others? Help yourself first
- Finding gratitude for the moments you were a jerk
- Grant yourself permission to get curious
- Cut ties to your dependencies in life (detaching)
- Get out of our own way to let magic happen
- The value of showing up in surrender

This is a pathway to the freedom we all so desperately desire.
Get yourself unstuck and moving forward again. After all, only you can fix you.