I’m Joking, Genius!: 500+ Big-Brain Jokes for Clever Folks (I'm Joking)

Bored of hearing the same old simple jokes?

Tom E. Moffatt (Author), Paul Beavis (Illustrator)

6/1/20231 min read

Bored of hearing the same old simple jokes?

Sharpen your wit and sizzle your synapses with over five hundred big-brain jokes. Hilariously crafted from clever categories, such as Geometric Japes and Viking Vagary, these jokes will extend, enlighten and entertain even the brainiest of jokesters.
Complete with brief introductions from the author and a glossary to expand your vocabulary, this book will give your brain the workout it’s been craving.
So, caress that cranium, genius… it’s time for some intellectual jokes:

What did Shakespeare say when writing a play about shapes?
2D or not 2D? That is the question.

How do you freeze tears?
With cryogenics

What did the chief do when he lost an eye?
He became a chef

Who stopped the spread of cheesy jokes in Ancient Greece?
Alexander the Grater

Why were there no Vikings called Ruth?
Because they were Ruthless

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