Happiness is an Inside Job

Happiness in an Inside Job_Playbook is a journey to rediscovering our authentic selves by unlocking playful spontaneity buried beneath conditioning.

Ria Flanagan

5/7/20241 min read

Happiness in an Inside Job_Playbook is a whimsical, thought-provoking journey to pulling back the layers into the authentic self, moving past conditioning that has numbed out our emotions and stuffed our creativity to unlock the playful spontaneity that is our birthright.

Created by a licensed therapist from the accumulation of wisdom, intuition, education, mentors, guides, heroes' journeys, empowerment workshops, certifications, and spiritual awakenings that have created groundbreaking success despite incredible odds. This Playbook will guide the participant through self-reflective tools, constructive mindfulness, challenging limiting beliefs and pushing readers to soar above the daily grind. Steps towards recognition of parts of the inner self that have been abandoned, parts of self desperately waiting to be set free. A fully immersive experience when playing in the pages of this playbook, choose to dive into this journey. A path towards integration of all of our parts to come back home to the authentic self where we have clarity and can live in both peace and passion. A key to building the bigger dream you never knew you could dream.