Building Your Money Machine: How to Get Your Money to Work Harder for You Than You Did for It!

Make financial freedom real with the right mindset, right process, and right action steps

Mel H. Abraham

6/18/20241 min read

Does it feel like you’re missing out on life because you can't get your finances in order? Are you seeking a life free of financial fear and full of meaning, purpose, and impact?

The key to building the life you desire and deserve is to build your Money Machine—a powerful system designed to generate income that’s no longer tied to your work or efforts. This step-by-step guide goes beyond the general idea of personal finance and wealth creation and reveals the holistic approach to transforming your relationship with money to allow you to enjoy financial freedom and peace of mind.

Part money philosophy, part money mindset, part strategy, and part tactical action, these powerful frameworks will show you how to:

  • Demystify wealth creation through proven processes like The Wealth Priority Ladder™ and The Five Incomes™

  • Build the three pillars of your Money Machine—Earn, Grow, and Protect

  • Optimize your earnings, transform them into assets, and protect them from loss

Whether you are a dreamer, doer, or believer—or all three!—your financial freedom is a birthright. Now is the time to embrace your financial potential with confidence and courage.