A look at healing

Shani Bahar Azulay

10/9/20232 min read

Part of chapter 1

This booklet is the essence of the concept of healing as I perceive it. As I was thinking about healing for the first time, the sentence came to mind: "What we see looks like it looks because it takes on the shape of our eyes." The wording of the sentence is a bit cumbersome, but its meaning was one of the purest I have ever heard. So, the meaning of this book is a milestone toward healing: the gaze. The way people perceive their .healing has been shown to influence the healing process itself.

All the above is focused on changing perception rather than asking to be healed in a certain way. This is not a method, but an approach. Trying to perceive healing in such .a way and noticing a change made in the healing path you already choose to follow This book does not replace a healing path you have chosen, but rather gives you a new .perspective that will help you absorb a higher level of energy from your path

-A pleasant and meaningful read

-Every person has the right to heal himself from the need for healing

This right is expressed in 3 aspects

From the biological point of view – the body contains various regeneration . 1. mechanisms. Each of these mechanisms promotes the balanced state of the body in unusual ways such as rebooting, drainage and relaxation. Reality sustains these three processes even in situations where you want something different. The decision that the desire is supposed to provide a certain love to a person is not necessarily the original purpose of the desire. At the end of the process, it is impossible to initialize and drain anything, if the relaxation is based on repeated requests to reduce coping.

Do you know the phrase "I'm just a human being"? Before you want to create myself and only then reality, my first recommendation to you today is to quit the addiction to all his arms.

Cognitive aspect – a person adopts beliefs that he trusts to support him along the way . 2. Every belief becomes a fact in man's eyes the first moment he needs/wants to use it When did you choose to use something just because you believe in it? When did you sink deep into the process expecting to see all the details? Practical understanding requires deepening, while theoretical understanding requires viewing the whole picture without sacrificing any detail.

Emotionally – the heart can send a temporary electric field to the body in order to change the electromagnetic state of a person's internal information. This temporary field is called "emotion." What other roles have you put on your emotion besides guiding desire? Does your temporary emotion play a permanent role? How many times ? a day is your complex relationship the one that creates reality for you.

At this point, I no longer need to deal with creating reality. I will use my time here to .present you with the most realistic alternative: the creation of myself

You're healing from the need for healing..."

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